Please note: this is an older version of HyperGlaze. It will give you an idea of how HyperGlaze works.
The trial version will NOT run on Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks, and may not run on Windows 8.
At some point I will be updating the trial version to the current version.

The current full version of HyperGlaze runs on all current Mac and Windows versions.

Please fill out this form completely and click submit to download the free trial version of HyperGlaze.
Please note that the trial version will operate for 30 days and then quit.
It has almost all of the features of the full version of HyperGlaze with the following limitations:

• Glaze and clay recipes are limited to a total of 10 recipes
         (you can have thousands in the full version)
• Material analyses are limited to a total of 50 (700 material analyses come in the full version)
• Importing of recipes is not allowed in the trial version
• However, you can make new recipes and analyses up to the limits above.

I'll email you the download link information.
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and will not be used for email or mail solicitation of any kind.

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Page last updated on October 30, 2013

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