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HyperGlaze Quick Start – a guide to the various sections of HyperGlaze

HyperGlaze X QuickStart document – a PDF document that will get you started with HyperGlaze more quickly.
It's a handy visual reference to what all of the parts of HyperGlaze do! (2 Mbytes, requires Adobe Reader 5.0 or newer)
This document is included on the HyperGlaze X CD-rom.

Check here for future updates to HyperGlaze X!

There is an updated version of HyperGlaze X available for previous purchaser of any version of HyperGlaze.
If you'd like to see what new features have been added, try the free trial version of HyperGlaze.

See the Ordering page to order your update on CD.

HyperGlaze IIx updater

(version 2.3 for Macintosh only - does NOT update versions to HyperGlaze X)

NOTE: the updater below is ONLY for older Hypercard-based versions of HyperGlaze.
It is ONLY for Macintosh computers running system 9 or earlier. It will not run on other computers.

Click the link below to download free updater stacks for HyperGlaze IIx version 2.3. These updaters will correct printing problems in the Clays section of HyperGlaze, and also fix screen redraw problems found on some older Macintosh computers with the latest Macintosh operating systems (OS8.6, and OS9). It will NOT update older verisons to HyperGlaze X. Please order the CD-ROM update disk to update your version of HyperGlaze IIx to the latest version of HyperGlaze X. See the Ordering page.


Dowload HyperGlaze IIx Updater stacks now! - approx 120Kb

Page updated on January 18, 2008

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