HyperGlaze Ordering Information

Please note the prices are current as of May 20, 2018.

HyperGlaze is provided by download or on USB with printed installation instructions.
HyperGlaze X (version 10) is $100 for a single user

Upgrade prices are available to previous purchasers of HyperGlaze only.

Site licenses are available for approved, degree-granting educational institutions at very reasonable prices (see below).
The terms of the site license now allow distribution of copies to enrolled students of the licensee institution (see below).
Please email for more information if needed: HyperGlaze

Print the second page (below) to create an order form.


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----------------------------------- ORDER FORM -----------------------------------

Mail HyperGlaze orders to:

Richard Burkett
6354 Lorca Drive
San Diego, CA 92115-5509
Make checks payable to RICHARD BURKETT - thanks! Square Invoice available for safe credit card payments!




City:_____________________________ State/Province: ______

Zip/Postal code: _________-______ Country: _______________

Phone: (______) ______-________________ FAX: (______) ______-________________

Email address: __________________________________________________ Website (if available): __________________________________________

Brand of Computer: __________________________________

Operating System:

__ Macintosh OSX (version 10.2 or newer): OSX 10. _____ . _____
__ Windows: [   ] XP    [   ] Vista     [   ] 7     [   ] other (specify):__________
__ Linux*: PLEASE specify version of Linux in use: _________________________

*NOTE: the HyperGlaze package includes both Macintosh and Windows versions.
The Linux version can be provided on request without support as I currently have no way to test Linux versions of HyperGlaze.
Macintosh OS8-9 and OS X prior to 10.6 systems are no longer supported.
All prices are in US Dollars.
California purchasers MUST include sales tax in effect for their area.

Make checks payable to Richard Burkett

SINGLE USER version of HyperGlaze (install on one desktop computer and one laptop)
____ HyperGlaze on USB Drive OR download (CD-rom by request) Macintosh & Windows versions included – $ 100.00

UPGRADE FOR PREVIOUS PURCHASERS OF HyperGlaze ONLY (including site license owners):
____ Upgrade to version 10 – $50.00 (check if upgrading - please include change of address if applicable)
Previous address: __________________________________________________________________

____ Basic site license for HyperGlaze – $300.00
Includes one copy of the HyperGlaze software on USB drive(including Windows and Macintosh versions). The site license agreement allows the institutional owner to make up to 30 total copies of HyperGlaze (the Macintosh and/or Windows versions) per semester or term to distribute to currently-enrolled students. Two additional copies are allowed for faculty. Distribution of copies to other users is prohibited. The institutional purchaser remains the official licensee and is the only party eligible for upgrades and support, although students may retain their copy after the class is over. Available only for educational institutions.

   - shipping within the United States is included in the prices above -
_____ Canadian purchasers: please add US$5 for postage.
_____ For international postage other than Canada please add US$10 to any order.

Credit Card Purchases:       Total amount from above $ ___________.____ (this is the amount that will be charged on your card)

*Name on card: ___________________________________        *Expiration date on card (mm/yy): ______/______

*Card number: __________-___________-__________-_________ *Card Type (circle):   VISA      Mastercard      Discover Card       American Express

*CVV Code number (on the back - three digits or four digits AmEx) ______ *ZIPcode (for cardholder account) _____________
Note: * indicates required information

Address for cardholder if different than above: _________________________________________________________________

Signature of Cardholder: ________________________________________________________

PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL CREDIT CARD NUMBERS! If you would prefer a Square Invoice sent to you, please indicate here: ______ Square Invoice