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What is HyperGlaze X?

HyperGlaze X(tm) (version 10)is easy-to-use glaze software designed for artists who use ceramic materials, HyperGlaze can be used as a database to store clay and glaze recipes and to list raw materials and their analyses. It also has many powerful tools for glaze calculation.

It's frustrating when you can't find a certain glaze recipe among all your notes and papers. Or when want to mix up a batch of 18 pounds instead of the 500 grams the recipe yields in your notebook. Or when you want to substitute an ingredient. You can spend all your time sifting through notebooks and old magazines, and you can sit down with a pencil and do a lot of tedious recalculation.
Or you can let HyperGlaze do the calcuations for you!

No more lost recipes! Searching is easy and fast. HyperGlaze is an easy-to-use glaze notebook, a sophisticated glaze calculator, and an invaluable teaching tool -- all in one!

Accurate glaze mixing! Automatically figures ingredient amounts for a batch of any size. Converts grams to pounds and vice versa.

Fix glaze problems! No Albany Slip? Gerstley borate gone again? No problem --recalculate your favorite glaze with new ingredients. Unwanted crazing? Make a few adjustments to the thermal expansion! You can even create a new glaze from scratch. The well-written help stack guides you through these steps.

HyperGlaze is simple enough for anyone to use, but its powerful features satisfy even the most demanding glaze chemist.

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HyperGlaze Features:

Easy and fast searching. Look for glazes by name, ingredient, cone number, color, surface, firing type, or any other attribute. Complex searching that lets you find specific recipes such as:
find all shiny, cone 10, yellow glazes that contain spodumene, but not yellow-green glazes

Simple format. HyperGlaze recipes look like recipes you've seen before. Full use of the Macintosh and Windows "point-and-click" interface. Easy-to-use automatic indexing of glazes, clay bodies, and raw materials.

Recipe database. HyperGlaze comes with several glazes so you can see how it works immediately. Add as many recipes as you like by typing up to ten ingredients and four colorants. with the ingredient amounts in any unit of measure.

Then HyperGlaze will:

Over 300 materials analyses. Use existing analyses or easily add your own information. Enter the unity molecular formula, or the percentage analysis (provided by your supplier), and HyperGlaze will automatically convert percentage analyses to unity and calculate the molecular weight.

Powerful calculation tools! Take a molecular or unity formula and convert it to a batch recipe to actually mix the glaze (useful when you want to make a new glaze with the same qualities as an existing glaze, but using different materials). Make fine adjustments to glaze composition to adjust the thermal expansion to stop crazing or shivering. Even design a totally new glaze!

A unique approach to glaze calculation: A bar graph for theoxides. The white bars are oxide amounts, the black areas represent the limit formula. Click on a white bar and drag it up or down, and all the other bars for fluxes automatically adjust to "unity." When the tops of all the light blue bars fall within the colored areas of each oxide's glaze limits, you are sure your glaze will melt at the proper firing temperature!

HyperGlaze was designed by Richard Burkett, a potter and ceramic sculptor, to be the easiest to use glaze program. He has made the software as visually oriented as possible, making it simple to collect, use, and share information. The Help Manual is clearly written, and takes you step-by-step through every aspect of HyperGlaze.

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