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FREE HyperGlaze downloads during the Spring 2022 semester. Again, no support, no updates later on, but it's FREE!
Previous purchasers are eligible for support and updates.

HyperGlaze 10.4 is compatible with MacOS 11 Big Sur and is a 64-bit program.
HyperGlaze is also compatible with Windows 10, but may need to run as a Windows 8 program.
Please read the installation information in the download carefully- this is a MANUAL installation.

Click the link below to download the ZIP archive file that contains the version of HyperGlaze 10.4 and associated files for both Windows and Macintosh that you need. If you have already updated to an earlier version of HyperGlaze 10.3.x.x, you can just download the UPDATE ONLY version and simply replace the app (see included instructions for specific details).

IF YOU ARE UPDATING AN OLDER COPY of HyperGlaze (previous to version 10.3), use the FULL download, read the instructions carefully.
Make a backup of your older copy of HyperGlaze FIRST!

Download Full HyperGlaze 10.4.0 - contains all the data stacks, files, and installation information for both Macintosh and Windows versions. A 36.8.8 mByte download (filename: HG10-4-FullVersion.zip)

To update versions of HyperGlaze 10.3 download the appropriate version of the HyperGlazes application (Macintosh or Windows in ZIP archives), and replace the earlier version of the HyperGlaze APPLICATION with the new one.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The HyperGlaze Data folder does not need to be updated if you have already installed the full version,
BUT YOU WILL need to copy the new file Materials List Data.livecode to your HyperGlaze Data folder in Documents if you have a version of HyperGlaze prior to Other files might be needed. See the "New Files - read instructions" folder in the download.

NOTE: If you are a MacOS Catalina/Big Sur user and downloaded HyperGlaze before 5/22/2020 AND you want to use the HyperGlaze Exporter utility to extract recipes from an older verison of HyperGlaze, please download this new version of the exporter utility (it's in the download above now, too):

Download HyperGlaze Exporter for MacOS Catalina/Big Sur. (Filename: HyperGlaze-Exporter.zip 8.2 Mbytes)

The previous version of the exporter will not run on MacOS Catalina or Big Sur.

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